Lil' tid bits you may want to know.


Do you do commissions, custom orders, or holds?

Alas, I am unable to accept custom orders at the moment.
Due to the current demand, I unfortunately don't have enough hours in a day to be able to fulfill commissions as well as release regular shop updates.
In order to give everyone equal opportunity, I will not hold pieces - it is solely first come, first serve.


When is your next shop update?

I aim to have an update every month. To make sure you never miss an update, sign up for my email newsletter here so you can receive announcements for the update days and times.

What pieces will be a part of the update?

After I create the listings, you will be able to see them with their photos, descriptions and prices - you just won't be able to add them to your cart or purchase them until the date and time of the update.



Where are you located?

Springfield, Missouri


Do you ship internationally?

I do! Please be aware that you are responsible for any additional customs taxes/duties that may apply. This depends on your location, and if you're not sure if this affects you, you can find customs duty calculators online that can give you an idea of what to expect.


Will you combine my multiple orders into one package?

As long as they fit safely, I will package multiple items together and will refund you any difference in postage.


*Double check your shipping address!*

After you've finished an order, immediately make sure you entered in your correct shipping address and email me immediately if you need to make any corrections. I do my best to get your orders shipped out to you as quickly as I can, so if the package has already been shipped, it is literally out of my hands and you will be responsible for where that package ends up. If it comes back to me, I can ship it out to you again, but you will have to cover all original and additional shipping costs.



If you need to cancel your order, please do so ASAP. I strive to get your orders shipped quickly, so if you cancel the order after it's already been shipped, you will be responsible for both the original shipping cost, as well as the return shipping.

Please make sure to carefully read item listings for their descriptions. Approximate measurements are provided (accurate within about 0.5 inches and 1 fluid oz) as well as photos of multiple angles of the piece. (Be aware that colors appear differently on various devices, and also the piece itself will look different in shade vs. sunlight.The description will also list any reasons as to why a piece may be discounted, typically due to some sort of flaw or aesthetic quirk.

If you end up returning a piece because you did not read the description, you will be responsible for all shipping costs.

If you need to return your order, you must reach out to me within 7 days of the delivery date. After that period, I unfortunately will not be able to accept a return. Once I have received your returned item, and as long as it arrives in its original condition, you will receive a refund. I will not be able to offer an exchange.

If this return is due to a change of mind or an oversight on the buyer's part regarding the item description, then the buyer will be responsible for the initial shipping cost from the order, as well as return shipping. If the return is due to an error on my part, I will take care of the shipping costs.


Tips for Purchasing

I am incredibly thankful for those of you who choose to bring my pieces into your home, it's a genuine dream come to fruition every time you do! I have to pinch myself when I say the following:

* * * Most pieces that are listed during my updates tend to sell very quickly. * * *

In order to snag a piece, I recommend two things:

1) Be there on time! Items start selling the moment the listings go live, so to ensure you get the piece you have your eye on it is recommended to open/refresh the shop page at the announced update time.

2) Having a piece in your cart, or even mid-check out does not guaranty it for you. It is only yours once you finish the last step in the purchasing process, and if someone else clicks that button a moment quicker, you may miss out on that sale. 

  • Check out the items ahead of time so that you know what you want.
  • If you're hoping to get multiple items, it may be best to complete the buying process for each item separately so that the item in your cart is not purchased while you are browsing for the second item.
  • As long as they fit safely, I will package multiple items together and will refund you any difference in postage.

How to care for your handmade clay baby

All of my dinnerware pieces are food safe.


While they can withstand the dishwasher, it is recommended they are given a little extra TLC and washed by hand. This is especially true if the item has gold luster, as hand washing will help those details remain bright and shiny.


*If the piece has gold luster anywhere on it, do NOT put it in the microwave. Bad things will happen, chaos will ensue. You have been warned!